Understanding needs-motivated and adapted values-motivated behaviors is crucial in that they are determinants for behavior, decisions, and actions. Through her behavioral analysis consulting, Dr. Melodye provides upper management with the training and information to strategically position and train each person within their teams for greatest effectiveness. From this stems greater knowledge and awareness in building a culture of healthy conflict resolution, teambuilding, trust, and morale boosting for optimum performance and team cohesiveness. This training proves essential in how to properly manage self and train others to minimize the harmful effects of stress, pressure, and negative actions and reactions.


“I am pleased to highly recommend Melodye Hilton, a behavioral analysis consultant and human resource business coach, for your organization. The teambuilding skills that she imparted into our leaders have developed more of a unity and esteem for each other. The behavioral analysis that she introduced has brought a greater level of understanding, patience and respect for each coworker and their position. She definitely possesses an innate ability to view situations and people in a different light; this made a great impact in our corporation.”

T.T., Sales and Marketing Manager, Harristown Development Corporation