With an emphasis on team placement, Dr. Melodye presents the softer skills of human resource as impactful for both the senior management level and the general work force. Leadership will have a greater understanding of the importance of discovering personal purpose and values in addition to personality, skill, and competence in order to better motivate, train, and place new and existing hires in the most effective positions.

Dr. Melodye utilizes a revolutionary assessment called Core Values Index (CVI). CVI bypasses personality and behavior which reveals an individual’s unchanging motivational drivers. This provides a sense for how they are wired to contribute to the world around them.

To learn more about your core values, you can take a free CVI here. This unique tool has the potential to positively affect any individual or workgroup for years to come.

A company’s human capital is their most important and expensive asset. Dr. Melodye would love to make connection with those interested in making their companies more profitable by putting every person in the right seat, doing the right work.


“Dr. Melodye Hilton’s impact on our team was evident even before the team members left her first session! The workshops presented by Dr. Hilton focused initially on the DISC profiles of each team member which allowed for a better understanding of the individual’s basic operating system. What we found so valuable was the objective way in which Dr. Hilton led us through a comprehensive discussion of each profile combination and the characteristics we might see in an individual as we work together, insuring that we all understood that there were no rights or wrongs in the behaviors but merely the way people may typically think, feel and react.”

S.H., President of Harrisburg Property Services, Inc.