The stress of workplace production and interpersonal relationships places great pressure upon the individual. This can greatly affect his or her interaction within the team. Dr. Melodye’s leadership and teambuilding training provides tools for properly navigating thoughts, attitudes, and emotions, turning potential crisis into a catalyst for positive change. She teaches in the essential “softer” domains including the ability to build, extend, and restore trust, partnering emotional intelligence and validation quotient with competence and the power of execution. This coaching equips executives to increase their personal leadership skills, recognize potential leaders, develop a team of leaders, and manage a diversified work force.


“Dr. Hilton did an amazing job in presenting the content on Emotional Intelligence. Her vast knowledge of the subject area, combined with her passion and interpersonal skills resulted in a training that was transformative for all of us. Dr. Hilton’s ability to be transparent by sharing her personal challenges and triumphs, created an atmosphere where staff begin to openly share and connect with each other on a deeper level. In no other training have I seen our staff more aligned, more synergized and more connected; this training really prepared us, individually and as a team for the start of the school year.”

A.H., MS, Principle of LAYC YouthBuild Public Charter School