Emotionally healthy individuals become the highest achievers and greatest producers; therefore, Dr. Melodye incorporates her behavioral analysis skills, neuroLeadership, and validation quotient attributes to motivate individuals to be successful internally. This intrinsic worth is then recognized by the extrinsic affects of a leader with high value within his or her sphere of responsibility. In turn, this creates an environment of personal fulfillment and overall organizational success while corporate objectives are being actualized.

Dr. Melodye Hilton customizes her leadership and teambuilding training to meet an organization’s goals and objectives dealing specifically with its greatest asset—people. Dr. Melodye works with upper management in its ability to understand, lead, and empower interdependent work groups. In order to do this, she educates leaders through a unique, relevant inventory of leadership principles and proven concepts, which she delivers with an esteemed personal approach.


“Thank you for designing and delivering a customized leadership course for the fifteen managers in my division and equipping the managers with the concepts of character-based leadership. Many of our staff were positively affected by this course, and are digesting the many points and remain committed to walking them out. The visual illustration of ‘depositing character and competency chips into the trust bowl’ has already become part of our daily discussions.”

K.I., Assistant Vice President and Division Manager, SAIC