Ethics is a code of moral conduct which affects our actions and behaviors.  More personally, our values are the invisible motivators laying a foundation for every decision we make. They are the internal voice telling us what is important and worth our investment. When our values and ethics align with our organization, there is unity of purpose and a foundation for camaraderie resulting in increased productivity. However, if there are conflicting values/ethics, a team will experience much conflict. Because of self-promoting values and unethical conduct, our world is facing an epidemic of mistrust, which negatively affects the smallest group—the family—to the largest group—the nation. Dr. Melodye places a demand through an uncompromising message of justice—power and influence used for good. She motivates each leader to develop the character, validation quotient, and emotional intelligence to be a leader and team player who possesses inner wealth releasing outward success.


“As a result of your superb, thought-provoking presentation, my leadership team and I now have a greater appreciation and understanding of how both our personal and organizational values and ethics influence and impact our behavior, actions, and ultimate decisions. Through your vivid examples and innovative group exercises, you were able to bring into sharp focus the relationship among strong values, ethics, trust, and effective leadership.”

L.H., Colonel, Acquisition Corps, United States Army