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Making a sustainable positive impact within the lives of leaders, organizations, and people groups—to be an instrument of justice in their sphere of influence.

Dr. Melodye Hilton has developed a unique and personal approach to consulting and coaching that creates a positive and sustainable impact. With years of leadership experience, she works with individuals and teams around the globe as a leadership consultant, behavioral analyst, and executive coach. Her passion is in the development of people, as she believes that each person has a unique, valuable, and necessary contribution to bring to the table. As individuals develop the internal soft skills of leadership, their ability for both personal fulfillment and organizational productivity exponentially increases.

Dr. Melodye’s recognition extends throughout all ages, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds through her work in corporate and local business, government, not-for-profit organizations, as well as public and private educational sectors. She is the author of several books including, Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry and Higher Living Leadership: Influence Societal Design and an Instrument of Justice

In addition, she has served as Vice-President of a not-for-profit corporation for over 35 years and founded the International Training Center for the development and equipping of leaders. Dr. Melodye’s core passion for justice (power used for good) led her to establish the Voice of Justice Foundation, which partners with other organizations to impact a generation with hope, vision, and purpose. The last few years the primary reach of VOJ has been to aid in the care and rescue of those trapped in present-day slavery. In addition, she has founded the #StopDevaluation movement in an effort to see hearts and cultures healed through love and validation

Dr. Melodye travels nationally and internationally speaking, training, consulting, and coaching.

The why behind the what

Mission & Vision

Making a sustainable positive impact within the lives of leaders, organizations, and people groups—to be an instrument of justice in their sphere of influence.

The vision of Dr. Melodye Hilton: Consulting is to invest into leaders to further generate value within individuals and organizations. Through providing training and presenting unique and reproducible leadership models and concepts, a healthy environment can be created with the goal of heightening inner wealth for lasting outer success.

The use of behavioral consultation tools, the Core Values Index, and Dr. Melodye’s own assessment products brings clarity to needs and values-motivated behavior. This increases understanding of team strengths and skill sets for strategic placement as well as higher levels of respect and appreciation for each team player. As a result, efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness are maximized and the overall quality of the working environment is improved.

By this, individuals and teams can learn their fit within an organization to accomplish common goals. Recognizing individual contributions as well as shared values empowers work groups to develop a sense of ownership and partnership. This increases levels of personal fulfillment, commitment, and ultimately—organizational advancement.

Through aiding leaders in the development of personal leadership growth and interpersonal skills, partnerships can be made for social justice and cultural transformation.


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