VQ Profile®


The scientifically validated VQ Profile® quickly and accurately measures all the ways a person thinks to identify their best and less than best ways of thinking.

VQ Profile – Ability to Measure Thinking

The scientifically validated VQ Profile® quickly and accurately measures all the ways a person thinks to identify their best and less than best ways of thinking. That breakthrough ability is what gave rise to the entire science of neuro-axiology and a fundamental paradigm shift for coaching, talent, and leadership development, and even leadership itself.

Most people only bring their mental “A-Game” – their best thinking, talent, and wisdom – about 15% of the time. The other 85% is dominated by their “B-Game” – deeply-rooted, mostly subconscious mental habits, biases, and beliefs that limit or undermine their potential and performance.

Billions of dollars are spent each year on mainstream “solutions” that are well-intentioned but ill-equipped and ineffective at producing meaningful, measurable, and lasting improvements in thinking and performance.

The science of neuro-axiology
(mind-brain science + value science)
is a true game-changer.

Dr. Melodye Hilton has the science-driven tools and methods needed to assess how people think and to train them to unlock and unleash more of the untapped A-Game they already have to produce unprecedented improvements in their quality of life and work.

Dr. Melodye will be able to help you apply this ground-breaking, science-driven, game-changing approach to create unprecedented results throughout entire organizations. TAKE YOUR VQ ASSESSMENT HERE!


Dr. Melodye Hilton’s impact on my life using Axiogenics was evident even before I finished the coaching process. Her coaching has enabled me to navigate through my daily life creating positive outcomes by changing the stories I tell myself. Through the Axiogenics process I have become aware of the pitfalls that were ushered into my life by the biases/lies I’ve believed about myself and those around me. Most importantly I was shown my individual unique assets, which has allowed me to influence those around me in a positive light.

Dr. Melodye possesses an incredible ability to instruct and coach, taking me to new levels in self-awareness, inner development, and creating greater levels of advancement in the marketplace. The training process is very effective and applicable to real life situations, stretching and challenging me. I have advanced my leadership skills in the art of communication and conflict resolution.

Dr. Melodye’s coaching has changed how I view and approach life. It has allowed me to be free in who I am, eliminating fear, anxiety, and pressure to be something or someone I don’t have the power to be previously. It has allowed me to be a giver not a taker to the world around me. Her coaching has changed me from the inside out!

T. T.  |  Senior Director of Real Estate and Broker of Records, Linlo Properties, LLC


"I have entrusted the development of my organizations’ leaders to Dr. Melodye Hilton for more than 17 years because of her unique perspective, profound insights, and authentic approach. Her core belief that every person carries an innate unchanging contribution permeates her whole approach, earning the trust of my leaders who want to receive more. She equips our leaders with a better understanding of who they are, how to engage their best ways of thinking, and how to optimize their leadership through heightened self-awareness and intentional self-leadership. Her science-based tools are insightful and amazingly accurate, creating an objective and personalized foundation from which each individual develops.

Beyond investing into them as leaders, she deeply cares for them as people. She draws out their gifts through discernment and perspective empowering greater contribution to customers and teams. She inspires people to be better and do better.

I’ve known Dr. Melodye for almost two decades and she lives what she teaches, filling her content with personal experience and relevant applications. I’m amazed at how well she motivates us to be more intentional, think higher, and aim for mutual benefit. Our leaders are increasingly blessed with each successive training or coaching encounter with Dr. Melodye and our teams are forever inspired and activated for higher levels of personal and corporate success."

K.I. | CEO, Ikeda Innovations


Taking on Axiogenics VQ Development through the coaching of Dr. Melodye Hilton was and is an ongoing life-changing experience. Following the process of the program along with Dr. Hilton's guidance was simple in practice yet profound in impact. Through the personalized VQ report, I was able to see the areas of life that are under-serving, over-serving (biases), and best-serving (assets) my life and my world.

Through conscious choice and action, I was able to begin living a more value-genic life. Before I knew it, things I had struggled with and felt disconnects on for years were suddenly non-issues as I began to function in a higher and clearer way of thinking and living while also presenting a more valuing and nurturing presence to those around me. I highly recommend this powerful tool to anyone who wishes to live a better, more authentic, more fulfilling, and more impactful life!



I sought help as I was experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from many years ago which was activated by a recent minor road traffic accident. Thoughts and physical symptoms were overwhelming. I am a Cognitive Psychotherapist by profession and had some insight of what was happening with me, but I knew I needed extra assistance to journey this season safely.

The feedback on VQ profile assessment was incredible to identify biases and liabilities and assets in my thinking patterns/frames. Whilst it was difficult and was triggered working through section 1, it also opened the way to section 2 to be effective and section 3 to bring it altogether with insight, in applying the strategic solutions.

In my experience, Axiogenics is powerful for the recovery and rebuilding phase of PTSD instead for the acute phase. However, there were tools to maximise my Assets and minimise my liabilities that helped with the “grounding principle” during a triggered moment. It also instils hope that there is a future and steppingstones towards it, which was so empowering in vulnerable moments.

None of the above would have been possible without the expertise of Dr Melodye. She was empathetic towards my presenting acute phase and brought in the training with great skill and precision. In my view, whilst axiogenics program is scientifically based it needs the expertise of the Mentor to make it effective. It is not a training model to read the manual and do but it needs the relationship aspect of a Mentor. Dr Melodye delivered it superbly with insight and wisdom without making me feel overwhelmed with information and techniques. I did not feel like just another trainee on a factory line to be deposited with lots of information but felt acknowledged as a person and I was the focus for empowerment. It was tailor made! It is not just the program but the integrity and relationship skills of Dr Melodye

This experience has been like having driving lessons and passing the test but not being an expert driver at this stage. Just like the skill of driving, the more I drive the car the more experienced I become. I am looking forward to practicing the insights from the axiogenic sessions as the days, weeks and months go by to become experienced in applying the wisdom!



The Axiogenics Self-Leadership Process has helped me rewire my brain and begin forming valuegenic responses flowing from who I truly am at my core instead of living life in reactionary mode. As I took responsibility to move towards positive responses coming from my assets versus reacting from liabilities it had a major impact on my relationships, especially with my husband and children. Truly life changing! A lot like going through metamorphosis. Deep places in my soul began to heal as I realized I am truly a remarkable woman with so many positive assets I never knew I had! I absolutely loved the support of the program! Having Dr. Melodye help me understand things and how to apply the wisdom I was gathering throughout the course was incredibly helpful. The clarity and new perspectives I gained through the coaching part of the program continue to be invaluable. I love how simple and ongoing the shift is as I continue to show up for myself, learning, applying and growing through asking myself The Central Question.

I am the gal who has done all the programs under the sun. This program is so unique and set apart. I highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling to get past hang ups, triggers, and relationship issues. If you are ready to take 100% responsibility for yourself and your reactions and learn how to uncover and engage the assets that have always been a part of who you are but got buried under life happenings and circumstances this course is for you! I am so grateful I made this investment for myself, my family and other relationships! Learning to live life from the core of who I was designed to be will be a lifelong journey. The Axiogenics process has given me the tools I need to make it a good one! Not just for myself, but for all those around me.

V.S.  |  Wife, Mother, and Business Woman