VQ Profile®


The scientifically validated VQ Profile® quickly and accurately measures all the ways a person thinks to identify their best and less than best ways of thinking.

VQ Profile – Ability to Measure Thinking

The scientifically validated VQ Profile® quickly and accurately measures all the ways a person thinks to identify their best and less than best ways of thinking. That breakthrough ability is what gave rise to the entire science of neuro-axiology and a fundamental paradigm shift for coaching, talent, and leadership development, and even leadership itself.

Most people only bring their mental “A-Game” – their best thinking, talent, and wisdom – about 15% of the time. The other 85% is dominated by their “B-Game” – deeply-rooted, mostly subconscious mental habits, biases, and beliefs that limit or undermine their potential and performance.

Billions of dollars are spent each year on mainstream “solutions” that are well-intentioned but ill-equipped and ineffective at producing meaningful, measurable, and lasting improvements in thinking and performance.

The science of neuro-axiology
(mind-brain science + value science)
is a true game-changer.

Dr. Melodye Hilton has the science-driven tools and methods needed to assess how people think and to train them to unlock and unleash more of the untapped A-Game they already have to produce unprecedented improvements in their quality of life and work.

Dr. Melodye will be able to help you apply this ground-breaking, science-driven, game-changing approach to create unprecedented results throughout entire organizations. TAKE YOUR VQ ASSESSMENT HERE!


Taking on Axiogenics VQ Development through the coaching of Dr. Melodye Hilton was and is an ongoing life-changing experience. Following the process of the program along with Dr. Hilton’s guidance was simple in practice yet profound in impact. Through the personalized VQ report, I was able to see the areas of life that are under-serving, over-serving (biases), and best-serving (assets) my life and my world.

Through conscious choice and action, I was able to begin living a more value-genic life. Before I knew it, things I had struggled with and felt disconnects on for years were suddenly non-issues as I began to function in a higher and clearer way of thinking and living while also presenting a more valuing and nurturing presence to those around me. I highly recommend this powerful tool to anyone who wishes to live a better, more authentic, more fulfilling, and more impactful life!



“Dr. Melodye Hilton is an inspiring and knowledgeable coach, who brings wisdom and practical strategies to every conversation. She challenges me to establish habits of higher thinking and motivates me to live a significant and purpose-filled life. Through her soft skills training and the Core Value Index I’ve learned to better understand my own strengths and contributions, as well as to appreciate, validate, and celebrate others authentically.

Through her training I’ve experienced significant growth both personally and as a business leader. I’ve learned more about the strengths that I can bring to the table, as well as the areas that I am not as naturally strong in. This has helped me in my business to understand how to put together a team of diverse talents; the type of team that will find the most efficient solution for every situation, where each person feels valued and be motivated to contribute in the best way they can.

Y.R. | Owner, Data ConnectX