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Dr. Melodye Hilton customizes her leadership training & coaching to meet a person or organization’s specific goals and objectives.

Specialty-Focused Consulting

Emotionally healthy individuals become the highest achievers and greatest producers; therefore, Dr. Melodye incorporates her behavioral analysis skills, neuroLeadership, and validation quotient attributes to motivate individuals to be successful internally. This intrinsic worth is then recognized by the extrinsic affects of a leader with high value within his or her sphere of responsibility. In turn, this creates an environment of personal fulfillment and overall organizational success while corporate objectives are being actualized.

Dr. Melodye Hilton customizes her leadership and teambuilding training to meet an organization’s goals and objectives dealing specifically with its greatest asset—people. Dr. Melodye works with upper management in its ability to understand, lead, and empower interdependent work groups. In order to do this, she educates leaders through a unique, relevant inventory of leadership principles and proven concepts, which she delivers with an esteemed personal approach.


“Thank you for designing and delivering a customized leadership course for the fifteen managers in my division and equipping the managers with the concepts of character-based leadership. Many of our staff were positively affected by this course, and are digesting the many points and remain committed to walking them out. The visual illustration of ‘depositing character and competency chips into the trust bowl’ has already become part of our daily discussions.”

K.I., Assistant Vice President and Division Manager, SAIC


Behavioral Analysis Consulting

Understanding needs-motivated and adapted values-motivated behaviors is crucial in that they are determinants for behavior, decisions, and actions. Through her behavioral analysis consulting, Dr. Melodye provides upper management with the training and information to strategically position and train each person within their teams for greatest effectiveness. From this stems greater knowledge and awareness in building a culture of healthy conflict resolution, teambuilding, trust, and morale boosting for optimum performance and team cohesiveness. This training proves essential in how to properly manage self and train others to minimize the harmful effects of stress, pressure, and negative actions and reactions.


“I am pleased to highly recommend Melodye Hilton, a behavioral analysis consultant and human resource business coach, for your organization. The teambuilding skills that she imparted into our leaders have developed more of a unity and esteem for each other. The behavioral analysis that she introduced has brought a greater level of understanding, patience and respect for each coworker and their position. She definitely possesses an innate ability to view situations and people in a different light; this made a great impact in our corporation.”

T.T., Sales and Marketing Manager, Harristown Development Corporation

Leadership & Team Coaching

The stress of workplace production and interpersonal relationships places great pressure upon the individual. This can greatly affect his or her interaction within the team. Dr. Melodye’s leadership and teambuilding training provides tools for properly navigating thoughts, attitudes, and emotions, turning potential crisis into a catalyst for positive change. She teaches in the essential “softer” domains including the ability to build, extend, and restore trust, partnering emotional intelligence and validation quotient with competence and the power of execution. This coaching equips executives to increase their personal leadership skills, recognize potential leaders, develop a team of leaders, and manage a diversified work force.


“Dr. Hilton did an amazing job in presenting the content on Emotional Intelligence. Her vast knowledge of the subject area, combined with her passion and interpersonal skills resulted in a training that was transformative for all of us. Dr. Hilton’s ability to be transparent by sharing her personal challenges and triumphs, created an atmosphere where staff begin to openly share and connect with each other on a deeper level. In no other training have I seen our staff more aligned, more synergized and more connected; this training really prepared us, individually and as a team for the start of the school year.”

A.H., MS, Principle of LAYC YouthBuild Public Charter School

Core Value Index Training & Coaching

It’s a revolutionary assessment created by Taylor Protocols Inc. that bypasses personality and behavior revealing your unchanging motivational drivers and sense for how you are wired to contribute to the world around you.

Discover your innate core values, your wired-in Human Operating System™, your six types of contribution, your negative conflict strategies, your deepest fears with 97% repeat score reliability so it is stable data that is diagnostic and prescribes change. Begin your discovery of Core Values Consciousness, a new pathway to personal excellence and happiness.

This assessment is one of the simplest, most versatile tools you can find for improving an individual’s self awareness and awareness of others. If you are an employee, business owner or someone who wants to learn more about your core values, then the next few minutes could positively affect you, your friends and coworkers for years to come.

Spend less than 10 minutes and discover in your profile report:
What causes you to conflict with others.
What values you base a majority of your decisions on.
Why you make the same mistakes over and over.
How you can improve your relationships with others.



“I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently working in the capacity as an Outpatient Psychotherapist. In my field, I’ve attended numerous trainings based upon the “personality” make up of others, which assisted me in mastering therapeutic interventions. But never before had I had the pleasure of exploring the Core Value Index. This training was outside of the therapeutic realm, yet taught me how to master myself by learning the core values that make me who I am and how they affect every aspect of my life. I was able to learn in depth about the values that shape my thought processes, how my values manifest in times of triumph and stagnate in times of fear. I learned more about who I am and how I think than I have in numerous years.  My only regret is not learning my core values sooner! The training literally allowed me to–as Dr. Hilton would say–“shift my life from default to design.” Not only has the program assisted me with identifying which value I’m operating in, it has assisted me in my practice as well. I’m able to identify my values as well as the values of others and find creative strategies to meet their therapeutic needs.” R.D.


“Dr. Melodye Hilton’s coaching sessions made a significant difference and had immediate impact. I thoroughly enjoyed her approach and learned much from her perspective and experiences. It was really a confidence and competence building experience for me. I have learned tools for making positive changes to my approach in the educational profession, and as a result I have seen a greater level of influence with my students and colleagues. These sessions with Dr. Melodye are empowering and inspiring. I have been more motivated and driven than ever before to make a sustainable impact in my spheres of influence.”

I.F., Educational Instructor, Frederick County Public Schools

Human Resource Consulting

With an emphasis on team placement, Dr. Melodye presents the softer skills of human resource as impactful for both the senior management level and the general work force. Leadership will have a greater understanding of the importance of discovering personal purpose and values in addition to personality, skill, and competence in order to better motivate, train, and place new and existing hires in the most effective positions.

Dr. Melodye utilizes a revolutionary assessment called Core Values Index (CVI). CVI bypasses personality and behavior which reveals an individual’s unchanging motivational drivers. This provides a sense for how they are wired to contribute to the world around them.

To learn more about your core values, you can take a free CVI here. This unique tool has the potential to positively affect any individual or workgroup for years to come.

A company’s human capital is their most important and expensive asset. Dr. Melodye would love to make connection with those interested in making their companies more profitable by putting every person in the right seat, doing the right work.


“Dr. Melodye Hilton’s impact on our team was evident even before the team members left her first session! The workshops presented by Dr. Hilton focused initially on the DISC profiles of each team member which allowed for a better understanding of the individual’s basic operating system. What we found so valuable was the objective way in which Dr. Hilton led us through a comprehensive discussion of each profile combination and the characteristics we might see in an individual as we work together, insuring that we all understood that there were no rights or wrongs in the behaviors but merely the way people may typically think, feel and react.”

S.H., President of Harrisburg Property Services, Inc.

Values & Ethics Training

Ethics is a code of moral conduct which affects our actions and behaviors.  More personally, our values are the invisible motivators laying a foundation for every decision we make. They are the internal voice telling us what is important and worth our investment. When our values and ethics align with our organization, there is unity of purpose and a foundation for camaraderie resulting in increased productivity. However, if there are conflicting values/ethics, a team will experience much conflict. Because of self-promoting values and unethical conduct, our world is facing an epidemic of mistrust, which negatively affects the smallest group—the family—to the largest group—the nation. Dr. Melodye places a demand through an uncompromising message of justice—power and influence used for good. She motivates each leader to develop the character, validation quotient, and emotional intelligence to be a leader and team player who possesses inner wealth releasing outward success.


“As a result of your superb, thought-provoking presentation, my leadership team and I now have a greater appreciation and understanding of how both our personal and organizational values and ethics influence and impact our behavior, actions, and ultimate decisions. Through your vivid examples and innovative group exercises, you were able to bring into sharp focus the relationship among strong values, ethics, trust, and effective leadership.”

L.H., Colonel, Acquisition Corps, United States Army


Profiles & Assessments

Dr. Melodye utilizes profiles and assessments that aid in individual leadership development and help to establish a platform for dialogue, understanding, and collaboration. These tools bring to life the training received for personal and corporate application.


Taking Elegant Themes to The Next Level


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