Philanthropy and giving back is a crucial part of Hilton Consulting, LLC. Therefore, Dr. Melodye has established the Voice of Justice Foundation. 100% of all tax-deductible donations received go to Voice of Justice’s purpose.

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01. voice of hope

To provide national and international scholarships for potential young leaders to receive leadership training.


To aid in the rescue and care of orphans and children in developing nations.


To partner with other not-for-profit organizations/foundations to impact a generation with hope, vision, and purpose. (i.e. for causes such as ending human trafficking, etc.)


Mission & Vision

To be a voice of hope, hands of rescue, and instruments of justice on behalf of the neglected, abused, or shamed.

Injustice is simply an abuse of power, while justice is a righteous use of that power. The objective of the Voice of Justice Foundation is to use influence and resources to be an instrument of justice, especially on the behalf of those devalued, dehumanized, and marginalized.

Throughout its existence, the Voice of Justice Foundation has invested heavily, both nationally and internationally, into young people who for various reasons had no one to assist them. The Foundation has been a bridge of resources to help these young people who had amazing potential to be empowered to impact their world for good. We have partnered with other not-for-profits in building schools, orphanages, and rescuing street children from abuse and prostitution.

Presently, one of the primary focuses of the Foundation’s efforts is to partner with other organizations to see human trafficking ended and help the victims of its atrocities.

Human trafficking is the most lucrative branch of economy in the world. In contrast to drug or arms trading, humans can be sold repeatedly. The barbarity of modern slavery is taking place not only in third-world and developing countries, but in our nearest neighborhoods. Experts guess that 27 to 30 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide. Alarmingly, almost one third of these are children and unfortunately, the numbers are rising.

We can be a voice of hope and a hand of rescue for those who have no voice.
Voice of Justice

Dr. Melodye is currently partnering with Heartwings NGO in Zurich, Switzerland. Heartwings works in the multicultural red light district with a focus on humans in desperate and hopeless circumstances, who wish for a change of their situation. They wish to see dignity restored to women and children and to give them hope and help for an exit out of the devastating prison of dehumanizing slavery.


100% of all tax-deductible donations received go to Voice of Justice's purpose. (No administrative fees are removed from your donation.)

The Voice of Justice Foundation is a project of United Charitable.—a registered 501C3 public charity.