“Each individual inherently carries an irreplaceable expression designed to bless others and impact their world for good. This is a treasure that must be guarded from the assaults of those who disregard its value or feel entitled to exploit it for their own gain. Give lavishly to those who celebrate your contribution and who reciprocate by giving their very best.” 

The honor to invest your heart and soul into others is one of the greatest forward-paying acts you can do; by it you are positively touching lives and societies. Our world needs the innate contribution you intrinsically carry. When your contribution is both needed and wanted, you experience a deep fulfillment. You also gain an unshakable awareness of your value, which is priceless in every way. As a perpetual result, your life will be a catalyst to generate value in others so their contribution can also be unleashed. This beautiful cycle of life is contagious as dreams are revived and vision is empowered.

You might say, “This sounds great, but unrealistic! That’s not the world I live in!” I hear this over and over again. The truth is this: when there is a healthy exchange of life, creativity is untapped which releases who we are and what we can do in our world. The challenges we face are the experiences of broken trust, disappointment, rejection, betrayal and a host of other assaults telling us our contributions are not good enough. When we are faced with these attacks, creativity is buried underneath a mountain of inadequacy and fear-based thoughts and emotions. We begin to believe that the gift within us is faulty, not needed, or unimportant so we hide it away like something we are ashamed of. For these very reasons we must be aware of and guard our hearts from the assaults of devaluation and usury.

Devaluation: we can often feel devalued, dishonored and disrespected when we are faced with those who do not want our contribution. This does not take away the value of our contribution to the world, but we are very aware that this particular individual will not make use of the potential of our investment. This does not make them the enemy, but simply shows us that they are not one with whom we will likely find successful or life-giving partnership.

We know money holds value for exchange. However, if a person would not acknowledge the value of money, they would neither want one dollar or one million dollars. The problem is not the value of the money, it is the perspective of the individual. No amount of money would positively impact this person because they would not appreciate or steward its value. What can we learn from this? Recognize that we have no power over another’s perspective or what they choose to value or not value. Release them to their choices and find someone who will celebrate what you are giving and honor you by their appreciation of stewardship with what you are investing.

Usury: This is evidenced by one who sees the value of your investment, but they want to exploit it for their own benefit. They want it for themselves without celebrating the relationship and the mutually beneficial partnership that could result. Once again, release them to their own values recognizing there are many who are positioned to embrace who you are and what you carry.

Leadership is about those who take the risks, take the high road, and are willing to pioneer a new mindset. This road, however, must be paved with the wisdom of Strategic Personal Investments. Every good stockbroker looks for investments that will produce high rates of return. Every good farmer knows how to sow, when to sow, and how to protect the seed that is sown so the harvest can be plentiful. You hold a great treasure within! So look for where you are celebrated, honored, valued, and wanted. Look for those who not only want what you can give, but are also willing to give their best in return. Successful and wise business leaders know a good deal will benefit every person involved in the transaction. There is power in the exchange of life and the partnerships of celebrated contributions.

Treasure the contribution within you and others; sow it in wisdom and enjoy the harvest of Strategic Personal Investments.

Dr. Melodye Hilton

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