Social entrepreneurs and justice-minded leaders are an esteemed class of world changers who live for a cause greater than themselves. Their hearts are fueled by compassion that ignites purpose-driven foresight inspiring others.

I am convinced that there are many who aspire to leave the world a better place.  Intrinsically we carry an innate dream that compels us to pay the price to walk out our personal purpose and leave our mark in the world.

Sadly, passion-filled purpose is not without its challenges and threats of failure. There are moments in every leader’s life that opposition wages war through a myriad of fault-finding voices—internal and external—and the unfairness of life’s circumstances. These painful threats tempt us to water down or give up on our dreams.


How do we navigate the stormy waters and stay on course?


Don’t take it personal: When there is character assignation and purpose devaluation it’s like an arrow shot straight to the heart. It’s important to recognize that these things are par for the course. Naysayers are rarely saying anything of value and are obviously challenged by those who give their lives for the greater good. Face it, life is not fair! Therefore, when the unforeseen, unavoidable or uncontrollable arises recognize you’re not the only one.


“Don’t waste emotional energies on critics, cynics or things beyond your control.”


Take courage: Courage is a leadership quality innately assisting deliberate choices in the presence of fear. It supports your ability to stay with your heart’s passion; it fortifies a focused determination to press through the mountains of negative emotions to continue with your passionate purpose.


“Without the courage of our convictions, we compromise, and with compromise our sense of purpose deteriorates and our resolve weakens.”


Be a forward thinker: Mistakes are inevitable, learn from them! Disappointments are bound to happen; pick up the pieces gaining wisdom for new and better systems and superior strategic relational connections. Keep focusing your attention upon the goal line refusing to be moved from your deliberate purpose.


“If I live in the pain of the past or the challenges of the present I cannot see the possibilities of the future.”


Be a person of excellence: Excellence is a key to emotional health and personal motivation. Perfectionism is having no fault or flaw. That’s impossible! Excellence is giving your best. That’s always possible! Each of us should always challenge ourselves to be the best we can be. We do this through continual self-development, leading out of passion and purpose, managing our emotions and refusing to give up!


“When you are confident that you’ve given your very best, you are already a success as well as a quality leader modeling the way for others to follow.”


If the leader refuses to quit, then the dream will live on long after he or she is gone! May courage arise in your hearts giving peace to your purpose-filled journey and knowing that every step you take is making the world a better place!


Dr. Melodye Hilton

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