Science has discovered that genuine love and validation has the ability to heal emotions and positively change the neuro-networking of the brain.

My life was negatively affected for many years because of a shame-filled false identity. I could not see my own value or any meaningful contribution that I could offer to the world. These thoughts and beliefs produced corresponding actions which sabotaged my potential and restricted my ability to advance.

Because I lived under this oppressive cycle for so long, I now despise the thoughts and emotions that torment the soul of any individual whose value is imprisoned in the darkness of insignificance. I have stood in that place and am acquainted with its limitations and saboteurs. I am determined to be a voice to confront every devaluing lie that wounds the heart and damages the soul.

On my life’s journey to leadership wholeness (I’m still a work in progress) I developed one of my favorite trainings, Validation Quotient. It is the attributes that unleash personal leadership value, generate it in others, and positively transform culture. I’ve learned that as someone sees and celebrates their own personal value they instinctively begin to celebrate others. When this culture is established in our homes and workplaces it will encourage emotional healing. In turn, this cultivates healthy decision-making and a spirit of excellence which produces greater levels of buy-in, productivity, and enjoyment in whatever task is undertaken.

This culture of validation not only confirms individual value but gives courage to hearts. Communicating value-esteeming words stimulates thought processes that convince the mind and change personal belief systems. Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of this culture-changing revolution, emotions and memory are always positively affected.

Our physical brain and body function better—task or relationship—when affirmed and valued.

The power to place value upon the human soul will destroy prejudice and injustice in any life or environment. (Read my previous blog post on Unmasking Prejudice here.) These actions turn on the intellectual and emotional light bulbs illuminating what was once held in obscurity. The ability to begin to see personal purpose empowers informed risk-taking because individual assignments are clearly appreciated and understood.

Politician from the 1850s, George Pugh said, “The biology of the human brain is hard wired to add value.” Our mind and body function in health as we align with the pre-wiring of our brains. That is to be givers and receivers of love, validation, and honor. Our understanding must positively align with the fact that every decision we make, action we take, or word we speak will either add or take away value, encourage or discourage, build up or tear down.

Leadership is a platform of influence that positions us to lead this revolution of validation. Let our leadership influence be for the support of others! Let us be an instrument of justice—power used for good—as well as modelers of kindness and generosity. Whatever we do for another will turn out to be our own emotional sustenance and therefore, life will be good.

– Dr. Melodye Hilton

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