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The true earmark of honor is evidenced through those who receive what you carry.


The greatest act of honor is demonstrated through the desire and ability to receive from an individual. When we receive a person’s gift we communicate to their heart that what they hold is treasured by us and beneficial to us.

“Anyone who teaches me deserves my respect, honor and attention.”  Sonia Rumzi, author


Our society is riddled with the disease of mistrust, self-absorbed autocratic leadership and influencers who selfishly manipulate for personal gain. Many speeches have been made, seminars attended and books written to address the destructive mindsets and methodologies of narcissistic leaders. These types of leaders do more harm than good as injustice intensifies.

I am intrinsically compelled to influence both emerging and established leaders that their platform of influence is for justice—power used for good. On the other hand, it is important to recognize that a leader cannot give to those who do not receive. It’s impossible to teach the unteachable, lead the defiant, or partner together with the disloyal if we desire success corporately and relationally! The reality that hearts cannot be legislated causes each of us to recognize that our influence, competencies, and investment can only be beneficial to the one that committedly receives and makes use of what has been given.

Unless we move beyond information to application we remain unchanged.


Until the art of receiving is fostered inside the heart and mind of the recipient, genuine honor will not be experienced by the benefactor. If the giver’s contribution is not received and applied, the window of opportunity will close making the valuable investment insignificant and ineffective to the intended recipient.

In the final analysis, our ability to receive from and invest into others is the true earmark of a successful life!


I have experienced the dichotomy where words ofhonorwere accompanied by actions of devaluation as my contribution was rejected. I’ve observed how these lives, that I supposedly led, were unchanged because they really never wanted what I carried.

Anger towards and rebellion against the giver is the fruit propagated within the soil of latent dishonor.


On the glorious flipside, the highest honor we can communicate to someone is to receive what they are giving! With a sense of great fulfillment I have experienced the demonstration of honor from many recipients. This honor was felt deeply within my heart as their eyes would light up as I prepared and served a gourmet leadership-building meal. I was filled with energy as their hungry hearts couldn’t get enough as they absorbed life-transforming principles. Their honor was lavishly poured out toward me as they desired more! The greatest source of fulfillment was witnessing their exponential growth in competence and character as they applied what they had received. Not only do I feel honored to have invested into them, but I also receive and honor their contributions. Countless have grown into amazing influencers and their impact continues to bring justice worldwide.

“‎You will never reach your dreams without honoring others along the way.”  John Paul Warren


Embrace the greatest honor that can be given as others receive the treasure inside you!  Give honor to others as you receive and welcome their gift! Choose alliances with those who give the greatest form of honor—receiving from you as you receive from them. It is from this hallowed place of mutual honor that true success stories are written!

Thomas Carlyle summarizes this so perfectly when he says, “Show me the man that you honor, and I will know what kind of man you are.”

Dr. Melodye Hilton

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